Entrusting your medication file to the team at Pharmacies Martin Duquette means benefiting from privileged access to the following services:

Treatment’s prescription

In the case of some common or easily recognizable and treatable health problems that have been diagnosed and prescribed in the past.

Doctor’s prescription extension

To prevent a discontinuation of a treatment prescribed by your doctor, your pharmacist may extend a prescription for a limited period.

Doctor’s prescription adjustment

To ensure that your treatment remains effective and safe.

And more…

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Our specialized services

Advanced expertise in treating STIs, HIV and hepatitis

The major therapeutic advances made in recent years have given rise to a series of treatments that reduce the undesirable effects of diseases, and when possible, to treat them definitively. In our pharmacy, our team of experts ensures that every patient receives the appropriate treatment and fully harvests the benefits.

Gardasil-9™ and Zostavax-II™ vaccines available

Vaccines improve the health of the entire population. They prevent the appearance of certain diseases and also protect those who can not be vaccinated. Because these types of treatments are of crucial importance, we always keep them in stock in the inventories of our pharmacies.

In-depth consultation and analysis of your pharmacotherapeutic file available by appointment

We believe that listening to our patients allows us to provide them with an appropriate and more effective treatment. That’s why we offer in-depth consulting services in our pharmacies. You will receive all the necessary information that will enable you to approach your treatment with awareness. Don’t hesitate to call our staff to schedule an appointment with the pharmacists.

Screening for group A Streptococcus (Strep test)*

Streptest can quickly detect and diagnose different infections. This test usually involves a short sampling inside the throat. The Streptests we offer in our pharmacies are both fast and reliable.

Fees apply

Rental of an ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM)*

If your doctor asked you to monitor your blood pressure for a full day, you will need to bring an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. You can rent this device at our pharmacies. This will give you an accurate and reliable measurement of how you blood pressure fluctuates during a 24h day. These data will allow health professionals to refine their diagnosis or to evaluate the effectiveness of a therapy.

Fees apply

Personalized instruction in antiretroviral therapy, pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis

Antiretroviral therapy can slow or stop the progression of HIV and thus improve the quality of life of those living with the infection. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PreP) is a means by which an HIV-negative person at risk of contracting HIV can reduce the risk of infection. Post-exposure prophylaxis (PPE) is emergency treatment for preventing HIV transmission to an HIV-negative person who may have been exposed to HIV recently.

As we are aware that these treatments may be complex, we are at your disposal to best answer your questions.

Distribution of methadone and Suboxone™

Only health professionals are able to offer pharmaceutical services related to methadone and Suboxone™ prescriptions. If your treatment includes one of these two drugs, we will be able to fulfill your prescription. Our team of professionals will also answer all your questions about your prescription.

Reimbursement agreement with insurance companies

Your financial means should never prevent you from taking care of your health. That’s why we’ve made repayment agreements with most insurance companies. To ensure that your financial situation will never prevent you from accessing your medication, we are happy to offer you some payment plans to accommodate your budget. We are also in touch with numeral compassionate programs who car help you in difficult situations if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Online prescription renewal service

To make your life easier, we offer an online prescription renewal service in our pharmacies. This system is available everywhere and at all times. Designed to be simple to use, this solution will allow you to renew your prescriptions in just a few clicks.

All this, in addition to the services commonly available at a community pharmacy

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